3 Reasons Frameless Shower Screens Are Your Best Choice

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When choosing your shower screen, you often don’t consider all that a shower screen does. For example, have you ever experienced watermarks or molds? Water naturally creates these elements, but the right type of shower screen could actually minimize – or completely eradicate – this concern for homeowners. Eradicating mold and watermarks is about more than preserving some sense of beauty in your bathroom – it’s also about protecting you and your family from microorganisms. Here are 3 reasons why frameless shower screens Sydney shops sell are your best bet for your next shower screen.

Frameless Shower Screens

  1. Embrace natural light. Since frameless shower screens are made from glass, they are transparent, which allows for natural light to come into your shower or bath easier. What this does is help lower electric bills, while also creating an inviting and warming atmosphere in your bathroom. This type of natural light will also help you stay on top of those unwanted messes and watermarks, because of how naturally bright it’ll be within your shower stall or bathtub. However, the natural sunlight that pours through can naturally dry out these watermarks as well. As a natural disinfectant, sunlight will help prevent the formation of molds.
  2. Embrace the beauty. We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the natural beauty of a frameless shower screen. When families remodel their homes, the bathroom is often times the first room they focus on. Sure, one reason is because of the size of these rooms; however, another reason is because there’s so much potential within a bathroom, and it all begins with shower screens in Sydney. Think of your shower screen as the centerpiece of your bathroom. Once you choose the right screen, the design of your bathroom will fall into place.
  3. You’ll increase your home’s value. It’s interesting how a somewhat simple improvement – like adding a shower screen to a bathroom – can add so much value to your home. Potential homebuyers love the elegance and functionality of a glass shower screen, and view that as an added buying point as they search for their next home.
Frameless Shower Screen

Frameless shower screens have proven that they’re more than just good looks; they also serve as the most functional shower screen on the market. If you’re looking for shower screens in Sydney, go to the company more people turn to: Ad Capry. Visit their online store today at http://www.adcapry.com.au/.


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