3 Things To Consider When Choosing Bath Screens

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Bathrooms have quickly become sacred spaces in the house. Usually the sole room with a lock on the door, they’re places to retreat to, relax in, a room of one’s own even if only for a few precious minutes a day. But in the UK, with space at a premium, they can also be among the smallest rooms in the house.

Having a separate bath and shower enclosure is an unachievable luxury for many, so the shower-over-bath is extremely common. To make the most of this situation bath screens can be used to give the feel of a shower enclosure with the benefit of a tub for soaking in should the mood take you.

But when you’re making your choice from all the different styles of bath screens out there keep these 3 points in mind.

  1. Layout And Space. These two interconnected aspects should be your primary concern when choosing between bath screens. Firstly think about things that could get in the way of your shower screen. Is the sink next to the bath? Or is the bathroom door nearby? If there are possible things that the screen could clash against then a folding bath screen makes the most sense. If you’ve got plenty of space in the bathroom then you could opt for one of the more traditional one-piece bath screens that open out into the bathroom.
  2. Shape Of Your Bath. This will obviously dictate your options when it comes to bath screens. A standard size and shape bath will have a lot of different options for it. But if you have a curved bath tub or a P- or square-shaped shower bath then your options will be more limited. But no matter what style of bath you have there is always a bath screen to suit.
  3. The Overall Style Of Your Bathroom. This shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re looking at the different kinds of bath screens. Although a screen is a functional bathroom accessory to stop water spraying everywhere it’s still an important part of the visual impact of your bathroom. Frameless bath screens can look great in contemporary styled bathrooms, and can add an illusion of space in a smaller room. Screens that have a rounded top as opposed to a square edge have a timeless look and will be better suited to classic styled bathrooms. Some screens also come with towel rails installed for a more modern appearance.

We have a wide range of bath screens that will suit any size, shape and style of bathroom. It may not seem like something that needs a lot of consideration, but there is a lot more to choosing a bath screen than meets the eye. If you get it wrong you could be lumbered with something that is both impractical and unattractive.


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