3D Home Design for Everybody

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3D Home Design Architect for home design in a different way , it’s not far from the way traditional 2D design , but it is more competitive . However, traditional methods such as shaving dopyeong 3D home design , elevations and perspectives of the project include: The only difference is that instead of the traditional 2D Floor Plan 3D Home Design 3D is equipped with the 3D elevation .

View from the point of view of the architect’s 3D Home Design

Presentation of plans and elevations color -rich presentations, from the beginning to capture the interest of the client , because the designer , 3D home design to the client, using the present can be a big advantage .

From the client’s point of view, 3D Home Design

In particular, 2D drawings appear boring and you can not understand the terminology a little talk about the architects , architects see the presentation of the architecture of the client , if you do not have any background can be a tedious task . But the architect to provide 3D ​​presentations , when you deliver the right architect will be able to understand that . Decipher technical terms and do not need to plan a drawing , you see the presentation of the project you will have an idea of ​​what is needed will look like .

3D home design and components .

Two stages, the main stage is composed of the basic steps and the presentation of the client . The basic steps are discussed in the previous plan and elevation is the expression . The main steps include internal and external point of view is expressed .

· 3D interior

3D interior presentation in a particular part of a view of the inside of the house include . I feel like it’s home to see the client , and the space according to your own preferences when working with a client to verify a few things about how a particular space, if you need , it also provided as an attachment to the floor plan like home will be displayed.

· 3D appearance

3D presentation of the external environment, the actual home to be built that can be applied to the entire house , including background includes a view of the outside . In addition, in order to see how like a house for a client , and it can serve as a medium before the start of their construction some color or whether you want to change some of the clients architects opportunities.


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