4 Different Solar Systems Your Electrician Can Set-Up For You

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Although a lot of people think solar power still belongs to the cutting edge of future technology, recent advancements have unlocked the secrets to this powerful but relatively simple process. Unlimited, free sunlight falls to earth and is converted by photovoltaic (PV) cells into electrical energy. With few moving parts and durable construction materials, solar panels can provide all of your home or business energy needs for many years.

Solar energy systems are usually separated into four categories. Your electrician Adelaide can work with you to find the right system for your home or business needs.

Standalone PV

Many home and business owners begin with standalone PV systems because they are the most affordable and simple to install and operate. Solar panels are arranged to maximize sunlight absorption and then the energy is used to directly power machines, motors and appliances.

Because these systems only operate in direct sunlight, they are useful for certain standalone applications such as ventilation units, powering signs or operating water pumps.

Full Off-Grid Independence

Although completely independent “off grid” systems are most popular in rural and remote areas, they can be installed and enjoyed anywhere.

Solar panels are arranged to maximize the transformation of sunlight into electrical energy. Excess energy is then stored in a bank of batteries to be used during cloudy daytime moments or during the night. Correctly designed systems mean there is no need for a connection to a municipal “grid” or utility electrical company.

Battery Backup + Grid

With these solar systems Adelaide, a battery bank stores excess or unused energy generated by the PV array. Under normal conditions, enough energy is provided directly by the solar panels or from the battery reservoir. But for times of energy shortfall or unexpected energy surge needs, additional power can be accepted from “the grid”.

Solar + Grid without Batteries

In this system, an array of solar panels is installed to maximize photovoltaic production of energy. The household or business draws energy directly from the solar panels but any excess or unused solar-generated electricity is then sold back to the utility or “grid”.

During cloudy moments during the day or night time, electricity can then be received directly from the grid. By effectively “banking” excess solar energy with the grid and then making energy “withdrawals” during the night or cloudy moments, financial costs can be minimized. It should be noted that any interruption to the grid can result in a loss of power for your home or business.

With all of the recent improvements in the reliability and productivity of solar panels, more and more homeowners and business owners are choosing to install a solar system to provide their energy needs in a green and environmentally friendly way. Finding the right system for your needs and installing a solar power system can be a challenge, so be sure to consult with a solar professional.

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