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While watching old classic movies, we are always enthralled by the design, styling, clothes, architecture, cars, streets, and everything else. There is something very enticing and bewitching about the classic interior that grabs the attention like no other.

Following this chain of ideas, we thought about the classic elements that make a bathroom vintage. Currently, the emphasis is on bringing the classic and modern touches in a bathroom to bring out a balanced look.


If you get these four elements right in the bathroom, you will surely achieve the essence of classic bathroom interior.

Light Fixtures

Dramatic light fixtures were one of the characteristics of bathrooms in the old age. If you can find vintage light fixtures for your bathroom, it will help a lot in achieving the final look.

The idea is to go dramatic with light fixtures. We want to put them on display in a manner that they grab attention immediately. Large, huge metallic or copper light fixtures fit the required description here.

Stand-alone Vanities

Back in the day, the vanities did not look like the part of the sink as they do in contemporary designs. Usually, the vanities looked like a separate piece of furniture. So you must find a vanity that stands on its own.

Wood is the appropriate material for such bathroom vanity. Also, look for a simpler cut and old fashioned design to suit the theme.

Framed Mirror

It was considered criminal to not have framed mirror in the bathroom. Also, the defined shape was very important. Usually, a round or rectangular framed mirror was considered right in the classic era. So you must find a framed mirror for your bathroom to get the classic feel.

Hook/Railing for the Towels

Interestingly, the classic design paid a lot of attention to the towels. They used to have a fancy hook or railing to hang the towels. Usually, they used both hooks and railings to place different kinds of towels like hand towel or bath towels.

You must invest in a heavy-looking railing to hang your towels. It should be the exact opposite of the modern sleek railings and hooks. You can achieve your goal by buying bold hooks/railings that make their appearance felt and noticed.

Of course, the story doesn’t end here, if you have such strong carriage for towels, you need towels that can pull off the pressure of being on display. You need classy towels that are simple, stylish but of the finest quality. lyallway.com.au can help you find online towels in Australia that match the theme here. If you like to take other options to buy online towels in Australia then you must consider izzz.com.au

If you have noticed, all the four elements belong to the same area in the bathroom. So it will not be a bad idea to coordinate the metal. In simpler words, you can coordinate the color and material of light fixtures, sink faucets, towel hooks and railings, and frame of the mirror.


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