4 Signs You Need Door Repair

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Most homeowners don’t even think about their doors until they need replacements. If you want to avoid this mistake and catch issues before they develop into full-scale problems, here are just four signs that you need door repair.

door repair

  1. Splinters

If your wooden door has started catching on your clothes, it’s time to sand it down. Do not pick off the splinters by hand; you’ll ruin the grain without actually addressing the underlying problem.

  1. Cracks

Cracks are a sign of deep internal damage. Has your door taken a beating lately? Has it been weathering the elements or a storm of soccer balls? It’s time to caulk, fill or otherwise seal the gaps before they widen into serious problems.

  1. Stains

Stains on your door are usually a sign of water damage, especially if you live in a climate like Brampton’s. Look into door repair Brampton if you notice dark or unusual patterns in the wood.

door repairs

  1. Gaps

Do you have a gap under your door that didn’t exist when you first bought your home? These are usually associated with foundation problems. Unfortunately, foundation problems can be expensive to repair, so until you have the funds for a complete renovation, you’ll probably just want to fix your door.

Whether you’re looking for door repair Etobicoke, Toronto or Scarborough, these are just four ways to tell that something is wrong. Don’t wait until your entire door needs replacing. Catch issues early with these warning signs!


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