4 Things You didn’t Know About Carpet Repair

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Carpet repair firms in Manchester have seen just about everything when it comes to damaged carpets. Carpets damaged by flood water, carpets wrecked by red wine, crayons, irons, and cigarettes, and carpets shredded by cats and dogs. Carpet repair firms in Manchester have also heard just about everything when it comes to myths and facts surrounding carpet care and repair. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about carpet damage and carpet fixing.

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1. A Damaged Carpet Doesn’t Have to Be Fully Replaced

If you look at the damage inflicted on your cream-coloured carpet by a toddler with a box of paints, or a drunken friend with a bottle of red wine, you may think that the damage is beyond repair. Similarly, a carpet ripped by the pet dog or a carpet with cigarette burns may look like its only solution is a refit. Think again – some carpet damage can be removed using store-bought stain removal products but other damage can be repaired by professionals. You don’t often have to throw the entire carpet out because one section is spoiled.

2. Trying to Fix Damage Yourself Can Make it Worse

Unless the damaged area is very small (a tiny cigarette burn, for example, in a non-conspicuous place) then trying to fix the damage yourself could result in the carpet looking worse. Call a carpet repair expert before you try to do any DIY. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action to have your carpet looking like new once more. You wouldn’t try to fix the paint on your car using what paint you have in the garage, so don’t try to make your carpet look better using scraps and leftover pieces.

3. Professional Repair Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Compared to the cost of a new carpet, the service from a professional carpet surgeon is cheap. You don’t have to replace the whole thing, and the cost of the repair is dependent on exactly how much is damaged – if the entire carpet is affected you will pay more, but it still works out as more cost effective than a replacement. Plus, small areas of damage are easy to repair with the correct tools and expertise, meaning the repair bill is not large.

4. Carpet Damage is Often Not Included in Insurance Policies

Replacing the whole carpet may be an option if you can claim for the whole carpet on your insurance, but you may be disappointed to learn that minor damage to a carpet is not actually covered. Or, you will end up paying for the excess which almost reaches the cost of a new carpet. Having the damaged area repaired can work out as more economical than an insurance claim.


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