5 B’s of bedroom décor for boys – DIY Kids room Décor

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It is a stereotypical view that boys don’t like to decorate their room. They have zero interest in creating a place that says their name. Well, it can be true for some guys as it is true for some girls. The interest in design and décor is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well, people who enjoy it to an extent of their personal bedroom only are lucky as they get to express themselves by placing furniture in a certain way or by purchasing kids bedding of particular fabric.

kids bedding

Anyway, if you are decorating for the boys, remember these 5 B’s;

1. Bed

Bed is the central part of the room. It should be given due importance. Even if you are purchasing the bed for young boys, do remember they grow really fast. So the size of the bed should be enough to accommodate a person easily. Next, depending on the size of the room, the type of bed should be picked. A heavy looking wooden bed will be ok for a giant room whereas a small bed will serve the purpose in a medium-sized room.

kids bedding

2. Kids Quilt Covers

Kids quilt covers are very important to make kids bedding comfortable. Since we are talking about kids, they don’t know what bothers their sleep. It can be the wrong kids quilt covers that make them sweat throughout the night. So the breathable cotton is crucial for bed sheet sets.

kids bedding

3. Balanced

The balanced room is always considered as the right type of room. The place shouldn’t be empty or too much filled with things. The room should have a selected color palette, rather than going for too many colors. There must be a study area and a play area. You got the idea, there are plenty of elements working together in a kids’ room and you must hit each one of them in a balanced manner.

4. Blue

Blue is for boys. Well, the color blue has many qualities to be considered as the main theme of the room. But you should not pick kids bedding for the sake of its clichéd association with boys. We recommend you to keep the shade in the room but don’t overdo it.

5. Basic

At the end of the day, simple is the way to be. There are basics of interior design too. You should get the basic elements right in any room and the end design product is bound to look flawless. So the final tip is to keep it simple. We figured out that the room for boys is similar to decorating any bedroom. Although you can’t imagine cutting down the play area in the room – that’s the only exception.


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