5 easy bathroom upgrades you should consider doing soon – DIY Bathroom

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Bathrooms are an essential part of a house. While selling the house, buyers like to thoroughly examine it and you don’t want a small bathroom glitch to ruin the deal. Even if you are not looking to sell the house now, improving the bathroom means quality experience for you, which is not a bad deal.

We have compiled a list of small bathroom upgrades that do not cost much or require long hours. It’s a promise that these little bathroom upgrades will change the place entirely.


Handle the Grout

The grout is definitely a problem area in any bathroom. There are two solutions for it. If it is cleanable and just a little dirty, you can clean the tiles. Another trick is to replace it if it is too dirty or beyond repair.

It is an easy project and can be done by anyone. However, there are professionals who can perform this task for you for a small amount of fee. The choice is yours.

Replace the Light Fixture

You will be astonished by the results of this idea. By replacing the light fixture with something entirely different, you can bring new energy to the place.

If replacing seems like an expensive upgrade, you can always re-paint the fixtures. Here again, go for the opposite. If the fixtures are silver, you can paint them copper or vice versa.

Low-Flow Toilet

Well, let us come clean, it is not the cheapest idea in the list. You have to invest in a low-flow toilet. If you bought the house years ago and the toilet needs upgrade, you can always change it.

The low-flow toilet is a responsible way to exist on this planet since the world is already suffering from water shortage and you can consider low-flow toilet as your big contribution.

Towels – Put Them to Display

Towels are a variable existence in the bathroom since you keep changing them. Also, they can be a great source of design and style in the bathroom. We recommend you to buy fancy towels that bring out the best in the bathroom. If you are not aware of the place to shop such towels online in Australia, lyallway.com.au is one cool spot to look for them. The other cool online places to shop towels online in Australia to consider is IZZZ.

Usually, we have railings or hooks for the towels. You can go a bit dramatic by bringing a ladder to display your collection. The towels can be hung, folded or rolled in the ladder.

Chipped Tiles

Chipped tiles are such a turn-off. Also, they make the whole wall look worst. So replacing them is the only option. Well, there are plenty of repair options available but that depends on the condition of the tiles.

The ultimate solution is replacing. Usually, when the constructors are installing new tiles in the bathroom, they keep a few in spare for future use in case of damage. So you can search for those spare tiles and get rid of the chipped ones.


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