5 Most Effective Methods to Get Rid of Roaches

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Cockroaches are notorious creatures that love to live in damp, dark and humid areas. They love warmth and unreachable cracks and crevices. These creatures are strong and reproduce fast. It is advisable to take up preventive measures so that roaches do not invade a house and in case they do, the following steps must be followed.

Getting rid of roaches is a very difficult task, but not impossible. So in order to free a house of roaches, they must be located, eradicated with pesticides and natural treatments and the house must be kept neat and tidy. After the exercise, serious preventive measures need to be taken up.

Here are a few tips to get rid of cockroaches:

1. Find the source of roaches by a little sleuthing. Houses must be checked for cracks and holes, drains and vents. These are openings through which they enter homes.

2. After locating these entry points, roach food must be spread around these spots. This is one part powdered (not granular) boric acid, one part white flour and one part granulated white sugar. This is because they get attracted by sugar and get trapped in the flour and finally get killed by boric acid. Areas such as behind cupboards, backs of drawers and cabinets, around the refrigerator, under the stove etc. can be applied with this mixture as well. Try to ensure that kids and pets stay away from these areas as boric acid is a little toxic.

3. How to kill roaches? Roach targeted insecticide sprays are the best way to kill them instantly. Some sprays also have residual effects. There are several labeled sprays that can be used against cockroaches. All hiding spots, drain holes, entry points and colonies of roaches must be sprayed with them. Products such as the roaches control kit available at Pest Mall contain dust form, bait gel, aerosol with IGR, and a concentrated insecticide. These must be applied only as per labeled instructions by following all safety instructions on the product’s label.

Buying the kit from Pest mall has been suggested because the store deals in professional grade pesticides that will render sure shot results. So avoid purchasing insecticides from local home improvement store for these stuff could be weak and the roach problem will persist afterwards.

4. A homemade roach killer is by luring and trapping them in a jar beside a wall. Roaches get trapped in it and cannot escape. Baits such as coffee grounds, sugar cubes and water can be placed in the jar. Simple plain water can also work in dry climatic areas.

5. Preventing re-infestation: It is advisable to keep the kitchen area clean. Cockroaches love greasy spills; so all spills, grease and food crumbs must be cleaned and the area must be mopped with a disinfectant. Besides trash must be regularly emptied and all dripping faucets must be fixed.

Besides the above tips on killing and preventing roaches one can place naphthalene balls on corners for roaches cannot tolerate their smell. Also caulking all cracks and dents on walls to prevent roaches from coming in is advisable. If these steps are followed, the roach issue will surely be under control.

Author Bio:
I “Patricia Carter” am one of the ladies hating pests in houses. Actually I have a huge problem with them since childhood and that is the major reason of my profession in pest control because everyone wants their house pest-free but for me, ‘its the first priority’. My knowledge is for everyone and I love sharing them to all. Apart from these, my favorite pass-time is cooking and reading about how to kill more of the pest safely. Today I am sharing you my knowledge about how to kill roaches in the house and also prevent them to enter.


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