5 quirky ideas for using your shed

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If your wooden garden shed has been standing neglected for some time and you long to make better use of the space, there are a number of routes you can go down to transform the outhouse into a usable space. Keep reading for five ideas of how you can get more value from your shed.

Band practice

Keen musicians with no room in the house to use for a practice space could move things outdoors and into the shed. Not only will you be able to play your music uninterrupted; you also won’t have the concern that you’re disturbing family members each time you pick up your guitar. This might especially be the case if you have young children and the only free time you get to play your instruments is in the evening, when the noise would be sure to wake them. If you do decide to kit out your shed into a band practice space, you might need to soundproof the building to avoid irritating the neighbours, though.

Tiny tavern

What could be better than having your own home bar, especially in this tight economic climate? The shed could be the perfect place in which to install a bar, out of the way of youngsters, and you could save on visiting the pub at weekends by inviting your friends round to your tiny tavern instead. To create a really authentic watering hole, you might need to spend some time researching how to install a beer tap at home; alternatively, you could invest in a special gadget called a kegerator, which is a residential beer dispensing device.

Little library

If you love nothing more than snuggling up with a good book to relax, an option worth considering for a shed transformation is a library. All you really need is some bookcases, plenty of books and a comfortable chair to turn the space into somewhere you’ll use regularly. If you’d like to use your little library in the evening, pick up a battery-powered or rechargeable light that will give you a source of illumination.

Perfect playroom

Children love to play, but keeping toys separate from areas of the house you’d like to maintain as specific spaces for grownups can be difficult. You can potentially mitigate the situation by converting the shed into a playroom and telling the kids that it is a special place just for them. A lick of paint and an appropriate floor covering, along with some brightly-coloured posters and boxes of toys could be all you need to create an area designed for play, allowing you to keep your house clean and tidy.

Micro menagerie

Another option when turning your shed into a usable space is to convert it into a pets’ area. Small, furry animals like rabbits and guinea pigs can be kept outdoors in hutches, but many pet owners have concerns about safety and exposure to the elements. At the same time, keeping animals in the house can result in unwanted smells and damage, so moving them to the shed could be a good middle ground. Pets will be kept out of the wind and rain, and if you close and lock the shed door they will be safe from predators. The shed is also a good space for animal handling and, with few hiding places, it can be easier to find a wayward rodent that has slipped from the grips of its owner than it would be in the house!


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