7 Important Things One Should Know About the Air Conditioning Units

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Air conditioners are now used popularly in households, just like offices these days, but not everyone knows the facts about ACs. So, here are 7 things that you need to know –

  • The traditional air-conditioning is not that great as compared to the heating and the natural gas is also less expensive than the electricity. The home bill for summer-air-conditioning is bigger than the heating bill in winter per month. www.gnrcorbus.com may help you regarding this matter.
  • When the AC works normally, people should feel the airflow coming from the window unit or registering for central units as per the climatisation. So, you should know what is normal and when one should troubleshoot problems.

Home Air Conditioning Units

  • A thermometer should be used to check the temperature of the room and air that AC puts out. The put out air from the AC should be 20 degrees F cooler than room temperature. The difference should be noted down and this is good practice to trouble shoot data for the future use.
  • The vapor that is present in the air is reduced by the air conditioning by turning the vapor into liquid form i.e., water. This lowers the humidity inside the house and this is the reason why we feel more comfortable. Then the condensed water flows down hill.

Air Conditioning Units

  • The AC has 2 motors using electric power. The compressor makes the refrigerant to cool the air. Motors in the air conditioners are actually energy hogs. Other motor in the AC drives the fan to move the air.
  • If the AC is putting out normal amount of air, which is twenty degrees cooler in comparison to the room temperature instead of that also the house is not cooling down, what should be done in such a case. May be the AC is too small for this job. In this case, the amount of hot air coming from outside should be reduced. The appliances producing heat should be shut off and the doors and storm windows should be closed. More insulation should be added to the attic and it is advisable to spray some water on the outer part of central AC. If this won’t help out then it is clear that this AC unit is not suitable for this house and another window unit is to be purchased.

Air Conditioning

  • If proper corrective measures and actions are taken, the air conditioner will continue running and wasting the expensive electricity. Building up of ice will be continued and the house will get warmer. For this the AC is to be turned off. By the time the ice will melt down and the drainage problem will be fixed. And now the AC will be turned on back. And if the air conditioner has stopped cooling but the airflow is normal, then ice is not the problem. If good airflow is there but AC puts out air not twenty degrees cooler as compared to the room temperature then the problem lies in the low level of refrigerant in the AC. When refrigerant is leaked out, the air conditioner will continue to waste electricity. The air conditioner will cool poorly with lower refrigerants, which will result in greater wastage of power.

Author Bio – Jackie is an Energy Engineer and he wants to help people save money on energy bills for home as well as for office by writing such blogs.


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