A Comparison Of Organic And Traditional Pest Control Methods

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All homeowners have, at some point in their lives, faced some kind of pest infestation in their homes. The nuisance of rodents, ants, roaches and mosquitoes are the most common ones. Once infested, these pests can be a source of disease and allergies. They can be especially harmful for children and people with low immunity. In order to manage the invasion of these bugs, the best solution is to opt for pest control.

In this day and age, however, everyone wants organic solutions. But organic pesticides are not necessarily safe or effective all the time. The idea that something that is environmental friendly would automatically be safe for humans is not entirely accurate. Some natural pesticides can be quite harmful and need to be administered with caution.

Traditional exterminators have a reputation for using chemicals that have noxious chemicals, like pyrethrins and pyrethroids. These chemicals, although effective in killing bugs, can be quite lethal for humans and the environment. On the other hand, the use of some form of chemical pesticides is recommended when infestations are hard to eliminate.

The best remedy would be to remove and/or prevent pest invasion with the least toxic alternative that is also efficacious.

Types of Organic Pest Control Methods

Pest control companies, presently, employ a variety of natural and chemical solutions to control pest issues in an environmentally friendly way. Some of the natural pest control measures include barriers and repellents, beneficial insects, traps and lures, soaps and oils, biological pesticides and botanical insecticides.

In the early stages of pest infestation, the most commonly used materials are traps and lures, barriers and repellents and beneficial insects. These measures are effective in warning of impeding infestations as well. They are also the least harmful for you and your environment and loved ones. Barriers and repellents actually forestall any invasion of your home and gardens from rodents, insects and other pests.

The organic insecticides, pesticides and soaps and oils are derived from natural sources and are labelled less toxic with fewer side effects. The manufacturing of these chemicals involves less processing and they last for shorter duration than synthetic ones. Their utilization is recommended when the insect infestation is widespread.

Most exterminators utilise a mix of these solutions for pest control depending on the level of infestation or the threat of it.

Employing the Best Exterminators for your Needs

Ideally, the best option is to prevent the infestation of insects and rodents occurring in the first place on your own. But this not always a feasible solution. Employing a pest control company like Fox Pest Control is a better option. The experts can provide a customized solution to your pest problems and eliminate them for good.

Most exterminator companies, like Fox Pest Control, first conduct a thorough, obligation-free home inspection for you. This helps them identify the likely source of your pest problems and the best methods to prevent or eradicate them. You can opt for either a one-time solution for a specific problem or avail a full year plan that has more comprehensive design.


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