A Sparkling Lagoon Throughout Summers!

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Having a Sea Spray pools could spell the difference between a great summer and just any other summer. But owning a pool is one thing and keeping it in tip top condition throughout the season is quite another. Pools of any kind demand upkeep and proper maintenance, this is necessary not just for the health and longevity of the pool itself, but also for the health and safety of its swimmers. Whenever you or your family intends to use the swimming pool, always make sure that the water is clear and there is nothing (organic or inorganic) lying at the bottom of the pool. Make sure the water looks sparkling clean with no cloudiness or odor.

Here is a list of elements which you need to maintain to get the best out of your sea spray pool:

1. Pool filters make sure that your pool stays in tip top condition by filtering debris from the water. How long you need to keep the filter on depends on the size of your pool and the filtering capacity of your filter. In case you are not so sure about this, it is important that you get the correct figures from the pool manufacturers or the instruction manual of the filter itself.

2. Chlorine is used in pools for disinfecting the water. But chlorine can be hard on human skin and hair; this is why you should always use a chlorine stabilizer. Also, remember that the more chlorine you use in your pool, the shorter the interval you’d need to use the filter for. But the amount of chlorine to be used is generally determined by the number of swimmers you expect in a pool, its pump and filter system, water level and temperature and amount of debris the pool is generally exposed to.

Seaspray pools

3. Another important thing to keep a track of in your pool is its pH level. pH level shows how acidic the water is and its alkaline property. A pH level of 7 is deemed neutral; anything above 7 shows excessive alkaline and below 7 represents acidity. Make sure your water pH level stays between 7 to 7.6; anything above it will cause skin rashes and anything below it will cause eye irritation.

4. Total alkalinity (TA) and pH are interconnected and if the TA of your Seaspray pools is less than desirable, it will make the pH level unstable as well. This can cause gradual but extensive damage to the structural dynamics of your pool as well.

5. And while we are discussing the structural integrity of your pool, make sure to keep a close eye on the calcium hardness of your water. If the water has low calcium levels it will affect the pools surfaces, but if it is too high it will develop a scale like surface with in the sea spray pool and all the equipment used in it.

Remember that proper maintenance will not only safe guard your health but extend the life of your pool as well. Have a great summer!


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