A Very Sound Investment, Substantially Increasing the Home’s Resale Value and Marketability

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An addition of a new deck to your home can be a very attractive home improvement that will greatly enhance the exterior appearance of your living area. While providing a good deal of additional usable area outside, it is also a very sound investment, substantially increasing the home’s resale value and marketability when or if you decide to sell your home in the future.


One challenge many homeowners may have to face when considering adding an elevated deck, patio area, pedestrian walkway, or pool deck is having to deal with uneven or sloped surfaces.

Installation of such decking needs to be performed in such a way that proper drainage can occur, with no visible, unsightly drains taking away from the aesthetic beauty of the structure.

Homeowners looking to have a sturdy, attractive and functional deck installed over an uneven or sloped surface should contact a company that specializes in these environments; a company that has the experience of installing these decks with the equipment specifically designed for such projects. One such company, Elevated Deck Systems, is a terrific example of a company that can come in, assess the needs of the project, and bring in top-of-the-line equipment and decking materials to provide the homeowner with the most beautiful, durable deck available on the market, one that will stand the test of time and the elements.

Customers of elevated decks are extremely impressed with the beauty, functionality, and durability of the Bison deck, the ideal blending of the attractiveness of a real hardwood surface that is long-lasting in durability while being a low maintenance addition.

Specifically designed for exterior surfaces, applications with Bison wood deck tiles have included terraces, courtyards, pool decks, rooftops, and other areas.

Supported by adjustable pedestal systems that come with high weight bearing capacities with built-in slope compensation, the homeowner who elects to go with Bison wood tiles have a variety of wood species to work with, with the availability of smooth or grooved surfaces, all with a Class A Fire Rating.

Tiles come in a variety of options which include colors, tile size and weight (with custom sizes available), and Janka Hardness Ratings. So customers who know just what they’re looking for have a nice selection to choose from. And if they have any questions about materials, or need advice as to the best options to consider, the right deck systems company will have representatives that will be happy to work with the customer every step of the way.


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