Advantages in using panel heaters

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There are lot of advantages in using panel heaters. The panel heaters are used by many industries. This has long life duration. So many industries and businesses like to use this panel heater. The IR panel heater has the size range between six and twelve. The required watt density of this heater exists between three and twenty five. The heaters can be customized according to the industry and the type of the product it manufacture.

This is effective when comparing to convection heaters. The panel heaters have many benefits at industry side. The convection heaters will take more time to get heated whereas the panel heaters get heat up instantly. The convection heaters will get heated up only at certain temperature. IR panel directly transfers the heat and it will not waste time in transferring the heat to the component. So this is used in various applications like powder coating.

The size of IR heaters is available up to 12. So there will not be huge space. These are initially designed to use in vertical position. Monthly cost will be very low if the industry uses the panel heaters. The heaters can be modified according to the product and industry. This saves lot of energy and it is very easy to use. It will not take much time to reach the optimal temperature. Some products are used before heating up. These products will remove the moisture completely from the component before heating. The industry which uses this panel heater will get more benefits.


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