Amazing Swimming Pool Constructions

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Throughout the world people have really put their heads together when it comes to incredible swimming pool constructions.  We have put together here some of the more lavish pool designs to showcase human attempts at bizarre, lavish and overall brilliant swimming pool designs.  If you are considering adding a swimming pool to your own private home then contact Swimming-Pools-UK for sensational swimming pool construction packages.  No matter whether you are considering a DIY kit or above ground pool construction, they will be able to help with advice, parts and the complete construction.  The following are great examples of swimming pools from around the world.

gw-swimming-poolEnvironmental Impact

The HSBC bank put together this powerful and clever design whilst delivering a powerful environmental message that also looks amazing at the same time!  The effect was created with an aerial photograph that was taken of New York and placed on the bottom of the pool to give the impression that you are swimming hundreds of metres above the skyline. Should sea levels rise this much, we doubt the water would look so clear!
Picture credit: Groovy Green

the-devils-swimming-poolDevil’s Swimming Pool

The second on our list of amazing swimming pools is one of nature’s very own designs.  At Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe this natural pool is perched right next to the Falls at a height of 128 metres.  There is a natural wall which prevents people from being swept away but even so it can be quite terrifying for the first timer.

Picture credit: Nitin Agrawal

oceandomeThe Largest Indoor Pool

Based in Japan this monster of a swimming pool is 300 metres wide and 100 metres in width.  It may require a large house if you want something like this in your basement, and it also comes with its very own volcano that erupts every 15 minutes.  There is a glass roof on this gigantic swimming pool that allows swimmers to as though they are on the beach outside.  The added bonus is its climate control that ensures temperatures are fixed at a constant 30 degrees.

Picture credit: FSU Creative Strategy

A Pool with a View

Swimming pools that come with glass edges are often referred to as ‘infinity pools’ as they appear to go on forever.  This majestic piece of swimming pool design can be found in Dallas, Texas and teeters on the edge of an apartment block.  We are pretty sure the view from this pool is pretty sensational.  We are sure the glass is sturdy but you would have to pray it holds out if was to receive a big bump!

Picture credit: Your Server Just Got Hacked


This incredible pool has water that matches its surroundings.  It is a hill-top swimming pool with a magical feel to it as it is surrounded by beautiful nature and sensational scenery.  For a truly relaxing dip then it is hard to beat the look and feel of this swimming pool we are sure you will agree.

Picture credit: Gozino


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