Bathtub or Steam Shower? 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose the Latter

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The concept of hygiene has long been an issue for mankind. We have spent a lot of time developing and producing bath and hygiene products that make us feel fresh and clean. The number-one way to ensure that we are as hygienic as possible is to bathe or shower regularly. This poses the dilemma of deciding which one is best.

Bathtubs do offer relaxing benefits to the user, which is a great plus point in today’s hectic society where people look to relax wherever possible. However, shower stalls are much more practical, and here’s why:

Saves You Money

Although it is nice to soak inside a tub filled with warm water and foamy soap suds, little do people know that such a luxury is time-consuming and can be wasteful. Economically speaking, bathtubs are very impractical because you’ll need several gallons of water before you can enjoy your bath. Aside from that, filling up a tub takes time. So, if you are the type of person who is always on the go, bathtubs can take away some of your precious time. You do not benefit from the instant satisfaction when you need it the most. On the other hand, a shower does the exact opposite. It is efficient, quick, and practical.

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More Hygienic

Another point is that taking a shower is better than soaking in a tub. It has been said that taking a shower cleanses the body better than taking a bath. The water that flows from the shower washes off the dirt from the body as opposed to the bathtub, where you effectively soak in your own dirty water. Although washing with soap may help you clean your body, you can never compare the cleansing power achieved by flowing water.

Quick and Easy

Taking a shower is way faster than soaking in a bathtub. That is why most people prefer to take a shower when they are in a hurry. After a hard day’s work, getting under the shower, warm or cold, instantly relieves the body faster than any bathtub can. Filling up the cabin with water is no longer necessary, and you need not prepare anything at all. All you have to do is get under the shower and ease the stress away.

Saves Space

Bathtubs obviously take up a lot more room than showers. Even the luxurious enclosed showers like the ones found at are very beautiful and compact. This is why it’s important to think about how to best maximise your space, especially as bathrooms are often small and any tricks to save space are always welcome.

Steam Bath Included

Some of the super hi-tech shower cabins on the market actually include a steam bath. This way, you get the best of both worlds and benefit from all the features of a modern shower. This is why it’s a much smarter choice to opt for a modern shower over a bathtub.


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