Be Prepare for the Potential Trouble from the Second Hand House

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Many people buy the second hand house, for the new house is too expensive. It is much cheaper to buy the second hand house. However, it is much troublesome for interior decoration. The structure is totally different from the new house. If the house is old enough and you do not have an understanding to the house, all kinds of trouble would come to you after moving in. Therefore, we should learn some key points for the second hand house renovation.

Tear the structure at will may cause collapse for the wall

The structure of the old house is not so well as the new built ones. Therefore, when you buy the second hand house, you may ask for a skeleton for the house structure so that you may learn where can change and tear down. If you break the bear wall for the sake of expanding the space, the house would in a weak condition for the bearing ability and shock resistance, which may burry severe danger for your family.

Be Prepare for the Potential Trouble from the Second Hand House

Bathroom leak water may bring you lots of trouble

Do not think it would be ok for the bathroom if there were people living in. for the second hand house has gone through lots of years or the water proof facilities were not done, the bathroom may leak water

Therefore, before moving to the second hand house, you had better do a water test to find out whether it is safe. If there are problems, you had better do the water proof protection, then paving the tiles.

All kinds of wires and pipes are aging severely

There are aging problem for every second hand house. If you not check it carefully, it may cause trouble for you at any time. Therefore, do not save the wire and pipe money, try to install all the wires and pipes again.

The newly painted wall falls off paint

Many people brush the paint on the surface of the wall directly. in fact, it is not a saving trouble way, but a trouble maker. You had better remove the old paint from the wall and clean the surface, then brush the paint. In this way, you can be sure of the effect in the furniture.

Inconvenience caused by too little socket

Some people move in to the house after a simple decoration. But afterwards, they found that they cannot find the socket for the electric appliance. Therefore, they bought several movable sockets. But it seems upset for so many wires intertwining together. If you do not want this kind of unset, you had better install more sockets. Learn the decorating skills forĀ Hospitality Fitout here.


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