Beautify Your Home With Bay Windows And New Doors

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Bay windows add a sense of space to any room. A bay window is one that is made up of three or more panes of glass that extend beyond the wall to the outside. One or more of the windows can open to allow airflow, making the room breezy and comfortable. In kitchens, bay windows are often home to potted herbs. In living rooms and bedrooms, a window seats gives a feeling of sitting outside.

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Although bay windows and doors were notoriously inefficient in the past, today’s products can help lower heating and cooling costs. Many carry the Energy Star designation, which means the product prevents energy loss.

Windows can be plain or have muntins inserted between the double panes to resemble old-fashioned windows. For greater energy efficiency, UV-blocking film can be affixed to block the view into the house while allowing occupants to see out. The film prevents heat gain from occurring in the summer, which increases energy use and costs.

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When considering bay window installation Toronto, CA, record the height and length of the wall and take pictures of both inside and outside. This will help sales staff choose the design best suited to your home. Buying from a company such as will ensure your home receives professional handling and treatment. Bay windows and energy efficient doors can increase the home’s value and curb appeal.


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