Benefits of a Living Roof Installation

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A living roof installation has enormous benefits that not only enhance the surrounding area but provide vital insulation and cooling elements through diverse temperatures throughout the year. The natural habitat a living roof installation provides is of enormous benefit to natural wildlife in the area. They also aid the natural surroundings and promote sustainability and at the same time aid the biodiversity in the area. Landmark living roofs based in the UK provide an exceptional service when it comes to implementing a living roof installation and you can contact them fir any enquiries you have.

The natural urban environment can benefit enormously from living roof installation projects. A living roof can cover any area from flats, offices to high rise building blocks. The living roofs in urban areas help to replace green space that has been taken in the past up by large office buildings or residential communities that contribute directly to the urban sprawl. Living roof installations contribute entirely to the return of wildlife in urban areas which in turn brings a wealth of benefits. Landmark living roofs are one such UK based company that actively promote the use of green roof installation practices and are suppliers to the living roof industry. Established in the UK for over 20 years Landmark living roofs provide a wealth of knowledge in this growing sector

Immediate benefits that buildings experience is the reduced need for internal heating as the living roof installation provides a natural thermal resistance with the mass they create. This also occurs throughout winter months in colder climates. Studies have discovered that a concentration of living roofs in urban areas reduces the city’s average temperatures during summer months. Pollutants and carbon dioxide are filtered from the air which helps lower disease rates such as asthma, and pollutants and heavy metals are filtered from rainwater. Noise from outside is also reduced within the building that has had the installation. A living roof naturally stores water by the substrate and is then taken back up by the plants from where it is returned back to the atmosphere through evaporation and transpiration. Financial benefits are felt to buildings with living roof installations as the roof protects the waterproofing of a roof and UV light exposure is decreased. With the lack of interior energy to be used for heat the building value naturally increases.

There are categories of various living roof types; intensive, semi-intensive or extensive and this is influenced by depth of planting medium and maintenance requirements. Landmark living roofs can provide UK residents with a comprehensive study and quote for their very own green roof living space. Do not hesitate to enquire in to this beneficial use of natural habitat growth that has been around since the 1960s and covers the globe.


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