Best Rated Spin Mops: 2015 Reviews

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At the end of the day, it’s comfort, easy and luxury that combine to make a great mop. And there’s quite nothing like micro-fiber mop heads as they do not leave a single thing in the house. Get yours today and make your home a cleaner place!

The world of spin mops has new additions every single day. There are more than one option to explore from. However, the year 2015 saw some interesting responses by consumers. While some mops did really well, consumers definitely gave others a miss. One thing revealed by the reviews was that there’s nothing that makes the world of mops go round like convenience does. If you can have a mop that’s easy to use and picks up every bit of that dirt in your house, you would want it. Check out some of the best rated spin mops on the basis of 2015 reviews.

Spin and Go Pro Spin Mop

This is one of the most popular options among for people today. When compared to others in the list, this did a lot better. People have rated this one really well. Even with the slightly risen cost, it comes with durability and has one mop spin head but it’s simple to use and you don’t have to really assemble it really as it is self explanatory. The mop did really well because of its convenience of use. This is all about ease. Another factor that made it do really well is the light weight of the mop and the pail too. The pail fits in most kitchen sinks and is small to fit under. Another feature that makes it a hit is the swivel at the base of mop head.

Fuller Brush Microfiber Rotating Mop

Along with the many other qualities like light weight and easy to assemble, the mop is made from microfiber which makes it great to use. The mop head is made from microfibers that are easy to wash. If you haven’t moped with microfibers before, this mop tells you what you were missing out on. They quite literately hold everything and they clean the house like none other. It’s really convenient to use. And unlike many others, you won’t spill water all around. The mop is quite good in quality which is why when you push your mop down, it flings the water away quite properly.

Twist and shout spin mops

It attaches the mop head with a click and removing it is even simpler. You can wash it in the machine. The kit comes with the mop handle along with two mop heads and a pail. So you can use one mop head for wet jobs then the other for dry ones. It’s not rough to push this down to push down on this spin mop. This comes with great mop head and the pails are smaller too. This means they are easy to fit and convenient to use anywhere in the kitchen or bathroom.

Cedar-O Spin Mop

The best feature of this one is complete hands free wringing. This makes the job more than just easy. Apart from that, the micro-fibre mop can easily be washed in machine and super convenient to remove. Apart from that, if you want their replacement heads, they are available are really cheap prices which makes them a great choice!


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