Building Glass Room Extensions for Additional Space, Privacy and Comfort

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Home extensions and other remodeling projects can be great options to upgrade the look of your home or increase its re-sale market value. Building an extension like conservatory, orangery, glass room and others are the most affordable alternatives to buying a larger home and selling an existing property.

Why Should You Extend Your Home?

Homeowners have particular reasons why they need to extend their homes. One of these is to add another room or increase the available space. This is important if you have a new addition to the family. Some home owners also build extensions to make a difference in the appearance of their house. One of the most commonly chosen extensions that provide a contemporary look for your house is a glass room.

Unlike selling or buying a new house, home extensions do not require real estate transaction cost, stamp taxes, moving costs and utility connection costs. Glass room extensions are ideal for those who need to create a new look in their property. You can look for a reliable builder online to help you decide for a design, shape and size that’s fits in your patio or garden. Find the best home extension that suits your requirements at

Building Glass Room Extensions

What to Consider When Deciding to Build a Glass Room

Your glass room can become a part of your home or garden. You can enjoy the open view of the garden while feeling the luxury and comfort of a contemporary home extension. Here are things that you need to consider when building glass rooms in your home.

  • Planning – The first thing that you need to consider is planning the purpose of your glass room whether you want to use it as a yoga room, guest room, dining, sturdy room or living room, you need to decide and confirm your plan. This will help you get a design from a professional builder according to your purpose and requirements.


  • Size and shape – The size and shape of your glass room must depend on the space available for the extension. You can consider the wall to have frames or be frameless. The roof is usually designed with thick glass which enables you to glaze up in the sky and see the stars at night. The doors are also available in different designs.
  • Colour – You can choose any type of frame color that you want. The most popular choice for homeowners is green, cream or black.
  • Insulation – You must insure a good insulation in your glass room to ensure comfort while you are inside. Make sure that it stays warm in the winter and cools during the summer.

Building Glass Room

You can also choose to make your glass room weatherproof and sound proof to avoid noise from the outside and maintain peace within. Choosing the right house extension that provides your required comfort, peace and privacy is important. Glass room extensions are great if you have someone in your family who needs privacy for a specific activity like painting, writing or exercising. Your current home may not have enough space to fulfill such privacy need, so a glass room can be a good option.

Author Bio: Jordon has been involved in home improvement projects including installation of glass rooms for more than 10 years. There are a lot of home extension options at where he found one for his property.


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