Capability and Precision of water Jets

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Water jet is fastest growing process of precision machine which is environment friendly. It can produce productivity and efficiency of high order. This technology has gained a lot of popularity because the list of items that can be cut by water jet is limitless. Tool sharpening is not needed in this process and it actually cuts with high degree of accuracy and leaves smooth and clean edges.

Semyx water jet cutting systems can cut a large number of materials whatever its size and shape. These cutting systems are used in various industries like aerospace industry, automotive industry, defense/military industry and also food industry. They utilize Semyx water jets to cut a number of materials such as metal cutting, steel cutting, glass cutting and food cutting. This may also be used for tile or stone cutting.

The benefits of using water jets are many including high cutting speed, versatility, endless capabilities, easy to use, environment friendly. It has no stress impact and tool sharpening is not needed. It does not have heat affected zones and no fumes or dust is caused. It is excellent for increasing productivity and profitability. Water jet system complements all precision machine operations and lets you cut steel and glass with high precision.

The software lets you to nest parts for utilization of material, cost of scrap and material, price the job for ensuring higher savings and productivity. Water jet technology is primarily flow of water to pump and then it arrives at pressures to 100,000 psi, goes through high pressure tubing and to cutting head. Water jet cuttings are of two type’s i.e. abrasive water jet cuttings and pure water jet cutting.

1. Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

Abrasive water jet cutting has gained more popularity than the pure water jet cutting. It uses abrasives for eroding the material. In this process water jet cutting head has to be very near to material being cut. This technique is most suited for increasing production of many types of applications which include exotic metals ( titanium, copper, aluminum, bronze, nickel, stainless steel ), glass cutting ( bullet proof glass, stained glass, shower screens, kitchen, inlays ),  tile and stone cutting ( custom flooring, custom tiles, counter tops, wall inlays, floor inlays)

2. Pure Water Cutting

This is used for various applications which give due consideration to speed of water jet cutting, minimal moisture residue and reliability. Very low moisture residue is caused because of very small stream and very high speeds. Pure water jet cutting is utilized in different industries like paper, slitting, foam, insulation, plastics, fabric, diaper, leather and food cutting.

Water jets simplify piercing and cutting of delicate thin glass to thick glass material varying from mirrors, stained glass, windows etc. So how do you cut glass without jagged edges? Cutting glass is similar to tile or stone cutting and due to brittle nature of material piercing starts off low and switches automatically resume at the adjusted speeds related to delicate materials.

Abrasive water jets are in great demand for glass cutting and stone cutting due to various intricate shapes that it can make.


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