Care Tips for Comforters and Quilts

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All of us value a good night’s sleep and this is achieved only when your bedding is clean and the environment is soothing. Bedding has to be cleaned on regular basis and the key to successful cleaning is to do it before the soil is heavy and to have complete idea about the fabric involved so that right cleaning procedure is carried out. So, you should keep a record of the care labels provided by the manufacturer along with the products and follow their directions when cleaning is essential. Never machine wash the comforter that has a label of ‘dry wash only’ on it.

Care tips for comforters and quilts

Care tips for comforters and quilts

Comforters and quilts do not usually need a lot of care because they are removed from the bed before you crawl between the sheets. However, to keep these fresh and clean you should take these bed coverings outside and give them a good shake to get rid of the dust and lint. If you are not able to take them out, you can vacuum them gently as well.

If you have a down comforter you can keep it clean by using a cover on it. The cover will protect the comforter and this will save you from cleaning the comforter frequently. When the duvet gets dirty you simply need to get it washed in the washing machine.

However, comforters and quilts should be cleaned once every year. Before throwing them in to the washing machine, do not forget to read the instructions by checking the manufacturer’s care label. Bed coverings come in variety of fabrics like Waverly fabric and many people have handmade quilts.

Suggestions for washing handmade quilts

  • If your quilt is made of different fabrics, follow the washing instructions of the most delicate fabric used in that quilt.
  • Bed coverings that are made of silk or velvet should not be washed at home. They are best when dry-cleaned.
  • You can wash the wool comforters if the manufacturer’s care label says to.
  • Always wash the comforter or the quilt in a large commercial washer using gentle wash instructions. You can let the covering soaked for 10 minutes before you run the washing cycle.
  • Comforters that are handmade, fragile or made of cotton should be hand washed. Fill a large tub with water and add laundry soap to it and soak the comforter.
  • When using down comforters you can wash them in washing machine. But make sure the label allows you to do so.
  • Always wash down comforters in cold water using mild detergent. You can also hang it on large clothes hanger to let it dry.

One of the most important things that you should check before washing comforter or quilt is its colorfastness. You can check this by dipping the corner of the fabric in a detergent solution before soaking it. Choose the corner that can be hidden from viewing. If the color bleeds it means that the bedding requires dry cleaning.

With the help of the above tips and a little bit of regular care, you will be able to keep your bedding clean.


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