Designing Bookcases That Will Improve The Look of Your Home and Quite Simply Ensure You Always Want to Read

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The right bookcase is more than just a practical asset. Whilst such items will indeed allow you to easily keep all your books in one place and ensure that they are, at the same time, easily accessible, if you opt for a solution that is merely practical then you will almost certainly miss out on myriad other benefits.


On top of allowing you to store items in an ordered and accessible way, bookcases should also vastly improve the look of any room. However, finding units that will perfectly complement a room is often easier said than done, and not only will it be hard to find shelving that is the right colour and material to perfectly match your current décor, but it will also be extremely hard to find a solution that is the perfect size and shape.

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The size and shape of a bookcase should be considered in multiple ways, not just in terms of the overall unit, but also in terms of each individual shelf. For example, if you can find a bookcase that will fit perfectly into an area that is simply going to waste, then not only are you going to improve the balance of your room, but you are also going to increase the amount of space you can utilise. Then, there are book sizes to consider. If each shelf is exactly the same height and width, a huge mount of space will go to waste, whilst at the same time leaving your display appearing somewhat messier than it would ideally look.

As such, the best solution will be to design your own unit. There are companies out there that will allow you to do just that, offering design wizards on their website for you to choose the exact height and width of both the unit as a whole as well as each individual shelf.



Many of us love to read yet find little to no time to put aside for this edifying and enjoyable pastime. However, the right bookcases in the right environment may well encourage us to spend far more time with our tomes than a poorly designed alternative.

Not only will creating your own bookcase help you to make your book display look more appealing, but placing them near attractive seating arrangements or even erecting them around your bed will simply make it far more appealing for you to pick up a book and relax.

Whether placing bookcases above and beside the place you sleep will make most sense for you or whether turning an entire room into a library-style space, there will be different approaches to suit different people. Consider when you are most tempted to read – is it when you are basking in the sun, in a comfortable bookshop or when you are lying in bed? Whichever option makes you most want to reach for those paperbacks, try to include this option in your home, whether that be adding shelving to a conservatory to make reading appealing any time the sun shines or whether it is right beside the sofa where you often curl up with a nice cup of coffee anyway.

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