Different Popular Garage Door Types To Consider

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Maximizing home value is something that you surely want to do and if that is your goal, you should be aware of the fact that garage doors can easily add to overall property valuable. A very good garage door will easily distinguish the house from others in the same neighborhood and there are various options that are currently available. In fact, you may feel a little overwhelmed and may not know what to choose. With this in mind, let us cover some aspects that will help you make an appropriate choice.

There Are Different Garage Door Types To Consider

In the past we only had manual doors but nowadays that is not the case as you can easily locate remote controlled or motorized options available. The Overhead door type is definitely the most popular one.

Whenever choosing, you should focus on the material that is used. The choice depends on the desired garage warmth and house style. We have access to 3 main materials used in the manufacture of high quality garage doors: fiberglass (GRP), steel and wood.

The Overhead Garage Door

These door types are really popular among homeowners as they are really easy to use and include great safety features, together with various possible extra options. There is a rolling system included in these garage doors as they will roll up and then be stored on garage roof. This automatically clears a lot of space and most of the modern designs are really compact, quiet and smooth. You can install the door yourself or get direct help from manufacturers.

The Wood Garage Door

Wood is the material of choice for many homeowners because of affordability and appearance. However, garage doors made out of wood are not too durable. Various wood type options are available with solid cedar being quite popular. Roll-up wooden doors include flush construction or a panel build. Manufacturers will fit different rectangular and separate panels in most designs while using a stronger wooden frame.

While such garage doors are great, we have one disadvantage in the fact that wood will naturally contract and expand. That can lead to cracks or warps. Constant refinishing and/or repainting is necessary once per two years in order to preserve appearance.

The Steel Garage Door

Obviously, steel doors will never crack or warp due to the effects of weather. There are no refinishing or painting requirements and we can say that this is a low maintenance option. A big advantage is that we can actually achieve a wooden look without having to go through that maintenance process but as you can imagine, such a door is tough to repair in the event something bad happens. However, you will pay less and are faced with lower maintenance costs.

The Fiberglass Garage Door

These doors are usually chosen where faced with salty climates or where light is necessary. Only really mild exterior cleaning is required and no finishing is necessary. Retractable fiberglass garage doors are quite popular and the material itself is really durable. However, it is more expensive.


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