Different Types of Westend Windows & Doors

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Window is the most important one to consider for your home which gives beautiful look to your house. When you are choosing the windows for home, you need to consider some important factors. Always choose the best windows to your home. The right window gives the best functionality and they function well which means they don’t get damaged when you close or open them in many times. Windows are not just a way for lighting. They keeps the weather out. So, one should have to choose the best westend windows & doors for their home. The following are the types of windows:

Single and Double Hung Windows:

The single and double hung windows have two sashes. One is installed above the other. The single hung has one movable sash and other one is fixed. In double hung the two sashes are movable and can slide with each other. It is excellent choice for outdoor which doesn’t take large space. If you cannot open entire window, then these are perfect for those places. Many window installation companies in ottawa are supplying these single and double hung windows. To know more about these windows, visit Yelp.

Awning Windows:

These awning windows have the swinging nature. They swing horizontally from the top. These windows are opens out and open at the bottom. Some are opening inward. These are the best choice when you living in a rainy environment. But, you should have a proper ventilation. It allows light from the outside. Because its design, it allows air instead of rain.

Casement Windows:

It is similar to the door. Because it operates like a door. You can swing out from one side to other. By using crank mechanism, these windows are operated. These are similar to Awning windows. These are comes in many designs. These are best option for limited space.

Tilt and Turn Windows:

These are combination of a casement and hopper windows. It can be open inward and swing. These are flexible when compared to others. This is the added advantage to these windows.


These are similar to awning but it has flipped over nature. It open at both inside and outside. These are best choice for small window. It has less framing to stop the light from the outside. It also cleaned very easily. This is the main reason most of the home owners are choosing these windows.

Bow Windows:

Bow windows are the modern decorative windows which is suitable for renovated houses. It gives elegant look to your home. Most of the people are choosing these windows which gives most stunning look to the house.

Bay Windows:

Bay windows are come in different styles and designs. You can transform your window in to a sit down bay. You can enjoy sunshine and also decorate them with beautiful cuisines.

These are different types of windows that every company are supplying. Based on your requirement, you can choose the best one for your window installation in ottawa. Always choose a right window for your house. Choosing the right windows can give relaxation as well as beautiful look your house.


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