Elastilon Flooring Installation Systems: Top Hardwood Flooring Adhesives

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A brand new concrete floor will go a long way in terms of durability. However, it might be too hard on your knees. It thus requires a covering that will complement its durability and comfortable nature of the floor. Hardwood flooring is the best way you can achieve this. Since hardwood is durable and yet comfortable, introduce it into your basement floor to add to the comfort. Flooring adhesives can range from wood glue to use of nails or both. But have you tried the self adhesive flooring installation systems like Elastilon? If you have not, you are definitely missing out on reliable flooring genius. With this system, you can avoid using glues and nail guns. This is because they are self adhesive installation for your concrete floors. Your basement will get a new look while you spend less on the same. The best adhesive for hardwood flooring is here for you. Why not embrace it and get the best out of it?

Can flooring for basements concrete floor be achieved?

Yes, it is possible with Elastilon installation flooring system for floors. However, you need to prepare your concrete floor for the hardwood floor adhesive. Old concrete floors have no problem with this as you only need to clean them. However, new concrete floors will need not less than two months so that they can be ready for flooring. The conditions to preparing your concrete floor for this include:

  • Remove dirt and any foreign material from the floor.
  • Ensure that the floor is flat and with utmost stability.
  • Check the moisture content on your floor. It should be less than 3.9%.
  • Humidity in the room should be between 40-65%.
  • Temperature should be between 60-80FH before, during and after installation.

Is hardwood flooring for adhesive concrete floor expensive?

No, as compared to the traditional floor installation methods, it proves to be less costly. To begin with, you do not need to buy special tools for the job. A utility knife is the only tool that will be required to get the job done. Also, since no glue or nails will be needed, you can be assured of an easy time when it comes to cleaning your floor. This will save on the costs and time of cleaning. Repair of your floor will also be easy as there will be no gaps left on the floor due to expansion and contraction of the wooden floor together with the flooring adhesives.

How do I benefit from hardwood floor adhesive for concrete floors?

The benefits of this are seen when you want to install a hardwood floor in your home. It might be the basement or just your normal living room. Whichever the case, Elastilon adhesives for concrete floors will make this happen. Remember that you do not have to include special tools like compressors and nail guns to help you hold the floor into place. Apply the hardwood adhesive for flooring on your concrete floor and cover them with your hardwood. The end result will be a well installed wooden floor on your concrete floor.


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