Eulogy in Funeral Planning

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When you are doing funeral planning for someone who has passed away, you will need to write or ask someone to write a eulogy. This is usually read at one of the ceremonies and excerpts from it are often printed in local newspapers. If you are organising a funeral then your local undertakers can help you out with tips and tricks on how to write a moving eulogy that people will remember.

These professionals can also help you with any other aspect of the funeral plans. Locations, transportation, catering, service, audio-visual equipment, musicians and much more are available to help you put together a memorable ceremony.

Thinking of the Deceased

To start the eulogy, the best thing you can do is to write down the 6 most noteworthy characteristics about the person who has passed away. Another way to think of this question is to write down why people loved this person. This is a great introduction that can give people a good picture of the significance of the person who just passed away and what meaning their death had in the grand scheme of things.

You must remember that everyone at a funeral ends up reflecting on death in some way. By remembering the positive things that the deceased has done in their lives, you help everyone to once again find meaning in death and come away from the ceremony believing that every death has a purpose.

In a eulogy, you can also talk about how the person who passed away thought about death and if appropriate, talk about their own life and spiritual journey; the things they have discovered. When doing your funeral plan and writing a eulogy, you can also talk about various achievements and milestones of the deceased such as employment, war service, marriage, family, favourite holiday places, favourite hobbies and club memberships.


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