Exactly how to save On Your Central heating Bill

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These 10 tips will show you exactly how you can reduce the amount you spend on heating.

1 – While you’re asleep and at work you should switch the central heating off. You will save approximately 14% on your heating costs by doing this.

2 – Thermal curtains can save almost a quarter on your heating costs. The cold air cannot enter the room as there is an extra thick lining on the curtains.

3 –Cold air will always want to come into your home, and hot air will always want to leave – this is because air likes to circulate. Tohalt this, purchase numerous draft excluders.

4 – All the cold air comes down the chimney, think of it as a gap in your roof. A chimney balloon can stop this.

5 – You could reduce your water consumption by half by using certain products. Water-efficient products will save you a fortune on your heating costs. A water-efficient shower head is one the first things you should purchase.

6 –Central heating costs can also be reduced by having your home well-insulated.

7 – Early detection of boiler problems can save you a lot of money. So at least once a year you should service your boiler.

8 – Placing furniture in the front of heat sources will prevent the heat from flowing around your room properly.

9 – Changing your fuel supplier may take time, but it could be worth it. Are you sure your current supplier is giving you the best price? Shoparound and recognise what charges other central heating oil providers are offering.

10 – You will save money by putting kitchen foil behind your radiators – this will reflect the heat back into your room. Your walls are actually the main cause of heat loss in the home. Foil specially designed for this reason is available from Wickes.

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