Finding a Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Contractor in Hamilton

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Your air conditioning system has broken and you need to get it fixed, but how do you know who to turn to? None of your friends can recommend anybody, and it’s never broken before so you have no contacts to get in touch with. Finding air conditioning repair Hamilton from a reliable contractor might be difficult at first, but all the hard work is worth it if you can find somebody you are comfortable with and who can do the job properly. Here are some useful tips to remember when looking for any contractor.

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  1. Check out quotes first

You can learn a lot about a contractor from the way he gives you a quote. Unless you can tell him exactly what the problem is, he should be able to come to your home and give you a quote, free of charge. Reject any who don’t offer you a free quote, since you can end up spending a fair amount of money simply on getting quotes. When the contractor comes to your house, observe how friendly he is with you and other household members, how he treats your house and his attitude in general. From this, you will be able to work out whether you are happy with his overall personality. When he gives you a quote, make sure you get a written copy of it. If he refuses to give you a written copy, do not hire this contractor. People have fallen into the trap of accepting cheap quotes, but since they have no written record of it, they have no case if the contractor changes the price or demands more money upon completion of the task.

     2.   Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Don’t be shy when it comes to asking the contractor questions. With a job such as fixing your air conditioning system, you need to make sure that the person solving the problem is working to the proper standard and has proper insurance coverage. You can find out the requirements by doing a quick Google search and depending on your country/state. The contractor should know straight away what the standards are and should be able to answer questions like these very quickly. If he seems to be taking a while to answer or has to get back to you with the answer, these are warning bells for you to watch out for.

     3.   Read some reviews

Although there’s nothing more reliable than hearing good reviews from your friends or family members, the next best thing is checking out what previous customers have to say about the contractor. Avoid visiting the contractor’s personal website since he could be writing anything on there. Visit websites and agencies where the contractor might be listed, since this is where most customers will go afterwards to leave their thoughts and reviews.


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