Fireplaces for your Home

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Fireplaces are the centre-piece within most family rooms and sitting rooms. Not that long ago people would have had a fireplace in nearly every room to keep themselves nice and warm but now people might only have the one so they can put a lot more effort into that one fireplace making it the focal point of most houses. Fireplaces can range from large marble fireplaces with a grate for a real fire or the new gas fires to the more modern looking hole-in-the-wall fireplaces.

The Traditional Type

image (3)The traditional fireplace is something that can look very attractive within a large room or an old house. The flame has a certain flicker from it that catches your eye and depending on how well packed it is, it can be very warm. The great thing about these fires is that if installed with a back boiler you can really benefit from the heat as the fire can heat the water the same as your boiler does so you are able to save while you have your fire burning away by turning off the hot water boiler. These fireplaces come in a variety of designs from large limestone and marble structures to soft wood carvings to emphasise the natural beauty of a house. In a lot of town houses you might find these types of fireplaces built into the wall and tiled, especially in buildings built in the 40s and 50s which gives them a Victorian look.

After the Gas Bottle

As gas became bottled it wasn’t too long before the first gas fireplace came into existence. These have a similar look to the original traditional fireplaces but what is a unique feature about these fireplaces is that a gas flame creates a lovely relaxing blue flicker from it, making a room very inviting, warm and welcoming. Another unique trait that gas fires have is that because of the properties of a gas flame you can have different stones in the fireplace to suit your room. You can choose lava rocks, fake coal, pebbles or white pebbles which can really add a new look to any room. You can see examples of all the different types of fireplaces at

More Modern Kind

image (4)More modern fireplaces include the hole-in-the-wall fireplace and the centre-piece fireplace. The hole-in-the-wall fireplace is a fireplace installed mid-way up the wall, almost at eye-level making it a unique feature in any room. This type of fire consumes gas as it would be very messy cleaning out a fireplace at this height. The centre-piece fireplace is basically a fire pit with an extraction fan. Generally, gas is used once again, but it really creates something different that your guests will love to see as a unique focal point of any room.

Fireplaces can change the way a room looks so it is important to make the right choice. When buying a fireplace make sure that it is the best one for the room intended.


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