Give your concrete garage the wow factor

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Concrete garages are now regarded as the best all round garage available on the open market, with a long-life guarantee, greater weather resistance and increased level of security against break-ins and theft when compared to other materials. The downside however is that they are not the most aesthetically pleasing garage available, with continuous panels of grey concrete lining your garden.

Nevertheless, there are many additional features which can be added to your concrete garage, or included in any new build that adds a spark and wow factor element.

Why not splash out and have a garage door that is not traditional but instead rolls, opens to the side or breaks up in sections, all which add additional space inside. You can add a remote control feature to this as well, so even on a cold morning you do not have to fiddle with a lock to get your car out of the garage, or get out of the car before driving it in at night. Remote controls can also be fitted with a light lasting up to three minutes so you can walk around safely inside.


Should you require space to work or need a secondary point of access, additional windows and doors can bring your concrete shell to life. A personnel door added onto the side or the back of the garage can make access far easier and help to section out your garage should you use it for additional extras such as outside appliances, like a freezer or tumble dryer. A window can provide much needed light, which can allow you to grow crops or plants inside from the window sill or allow for a work bench to be used during the day.

By applying guttering to the sides of the roof, although not a great looking feature, it can provide the garage with even more benefit to your home. Collecting the water in a water butt can reduce your bills and you can have water for the garden during the summer months. This will be of high value when there is the inevitable hosepipe ban in the UK again.

Other additional extras which can make your concrete garage stand out include fascias, which can be designed to incorporate a wooden, or brick style effect on the side of your garage door. This option is particularly popular should your concrete garage be next to the house and you wish to continue the brick theme. A passerby from the road would not be able to tell it was a concrete garage.

Different styles of roofing material can also be added which can include coloured options, such as red and blue. These corrugated sheets help the roof to breathe and reduce the impact of moisture inside the garage.

So the next time you are considering building a new concrete garage, why not bring it to life with some additional extras. They can radically enhance the way you use your garage, make it more appealing and help to improve your day to day living formula. With the right package in place your concrete garage can become the ultimate luxury.


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