Giving Your Home Exterior A Personality

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Your home says a lot about you. Some homeowners have a home because they need a place to shelter and to protect their families from the elements. Some others want it because they need a place to live their lives. And finally, there are homeowners who want their home to be a special place, a reflection of themselves and something that will tell to the world what kind of people live in that home. Blending with the rest of the families around the block may be easy, but it is also very boring. Making your home to stand out from the rest tells a lot about you. The same way you have a personality, you should also give a personality to your home, and here you are a few tips to do so in the exterior, because the exterior of your home is the first thing everybody is going to see when they come to visit.

Since many blocks and neighborhoods have regulations about the color you can paint your home, or the way you can have your garden, we will not go into that in this post, but we will tell you what can you do in the elements you can have more choice from, like your door. The entrance door is seen by everybody passing around the street so, giving a personality to it will speak a lot about you. Entrance doors are brown and beige, or that’s what you can see the most. Why not giving a colorful touch to your home by painting your entrance door red, blue, green or yellow? Depending on the colors of the brick and the wood or siding, these colors match to perfection and add excitement and emotion to your home.

And so that we are talking about doors, what about nice knobs? Knobs don’t need to be just a round or square piece of metal, they can also have forms. A door with a nice knob is not a boring door. If you painted your door in a bright color, a white knob matches very well and gives a nice contrast. Also, you can have a knob of the same color as the wall, this way the bright color of the door will stand out even more.

Next thing is the knocker. Sure, you have a bell, but a knocker gives your home a very stylish look and knockers don’t need to be boring. Nowadays you can find a wide range of them with shames like elephants, dragons, owls, cats, mermaids and many others. Make this match with your new door knob and we assure you knocking your door won’t be the same boring experience as it used to be. Handles can match the door knob and the knocker so, if you have a full set looking like dragons for example, you will stand out from the crowd and it won’t cost you a small fortune, all these changes are affordable.


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