Great finance tips to help you decor your home in budget

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Start with adding up what the renovation will be like from every little to every large aspect. Right from labour to materials consultation, as this can affect your budget greatly if went wrong. It’s quite possible that you have taken a personal loan to complete this renovation. Hence calculating everything from beginning is a must. More importantly, it should be done correctly, with exact rates and not approximate.

Incase you are not sure what could the smaller expenditures be, then consult an interior decorator who can easily spot the things that you need to repair immediately. Some might require repair attention right away, while some might be those who can spoil the new decor that you are planning on. Hence, you will be financially well prepared this way and would not encounter any sudden surprises. Another person whom you should consult is the estate agent since he can evaluate the worth of your house. Talk to local real estate agents to find out how much you should be spending. If your flat isn’t worth the value that you spend on its renovation on decor, then your investment must be cut down. If you plan to stay for a very long time in the same property, only then it is a wise decision to invest a lot. Over renovating a property can go against you when you sell it later. It is also quite possible that your house is in a location which is not really a ‘buy’ property area.

Whatever you do, ensure that you’re adding value to the house with your renovation. If you’re serious about a long term investment, then you should invest in things that are futuristic. For example, choose stainless steel in your kitchen. Install modern appliances of brands that are of top league. Real wood floors and granite countertops work great too. Wide open spaces are a must. Also, in kitchens, buyers usually prefer big and airy spaces. This goes generally for all areas of the house.

If you’re looking at smaller changes in decor to your home, you can save up on money by checking out many online and offline vintage stores which sell unique and antique home decor accessories and even large parts of a decor like a wardrobe. Update your furniture by easy to execute DIY projects. Seriously, they work wonders and is the most budget friendly of all. With minimum investment and a good reuse idea, you are good to go and give a new look to any corner instantly. You can even use kids furniture for this, since after sometime kids furniture isn’t required once they grow up. You can also give an instant new look to your home by painting just one wall of the room. That one wall also you can paint yourself. Look up for patterns that you can paint yourself. If you wish to avoid patterns then one good pop color should add that missing touch easily.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is largest of them all! Mirrors work well when you want to create an illusion of large space. If you cannot spend on room expansion then you can add a large size mirror and make a small room appear much bigger. A smart solution to decorate your walls would be to use shelves very smartly. If you are a book lover, then there are many creative shelves available which not only helps you store your books but also decorates the wall effectively. Or maybe you can use a shelf in which you can place your books as well as things that are usually lying around your living room. You can even decorate this shelf with photography collectibles.

Enhance the lighting of your home. Like mirrors, lighting also helps to create the illusion of large space. Use creative lights and different sources of lights to make use of good ceiling decor. A strategically placed lamp or dim lights can help you create the right ambiance for special occasions too.

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Karen Williams is a passionate interior and home decor consultant. She started her own company just when she was 19 and there was no looking back after that. She loves mirrors, kids furniture, patterned walls and DIY the most when it comes to home decor.


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