High quality and affordable plumbing services provided by MyPrecisePlumbing Mississauga

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My Precise Plumbing Mississauga is a top rated and established service provider of high quality plumbing, waterproofing and drain cleaning services in Mississauga and Toronto. The company also offers emergency services alongside normal services and operates 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The phone lines of the company are answered all around the clock and customers can choose to book services either over the phone or online via the company website.

All services offered by this plumbing company Mississauga, are completely insured and are also guaranteed to meet customer satisfaction levels. All the work is carried out by licensed professionals with years of experience. The professionals are highly skilled, as also courteous and friendly and can effectively address any problems that home owners may have with regards to drain cleaning, plumbing or waterproofing.


While a plumber in Mississauga can be relatively easy to find, none would match up to the expertise of the professionals employed by this company. The company offers services which address all of plumbing requirements including:

  • Plumbing services in water connected areas of the home such as kitchens and toilets
  • Quality and purity treatment for water
  • Water line repair and maintenance
  • Sump pump installations and maintenance
  • Water devices maintenance such as water heater maintenance

This MyPrecise Plumbing Mississauga also offers waterproofing solutions and drain cleaning services. Waterproofing is an effective solution which involves the use of protective sheets in order to keep water out of areas of the home.

Drain cleaning services that are offered by the company include:

  • The maintenance, repair and general cleaning of sewers and drains
  • Clearing blockages out of drains and sewers
  • Determination of sensitive areas prone to blockage
  • Flushing services including maintenance and repair
  • Secondary and back up drainage systems
  • Removal of traps and tree roots out of drains or sewers
  • Removal of snakes and other living organisms from drains and sewers
  • Camera installation and maintenance services

The company website also offers nifty tips on how to effectively keep the homes free from draining and plumbing issues which is valuable to any home owner. Also featured on the website are a huge number of customer testimonials from happy and satisfied customers who have had a positive experience with the company’s services.

While the quality of the services can easily be seen from the reputation and professionalism of the company, all services also feature by a complete money back guarantee in case the company fails to completely fix a problem. This offers a great risk free option to customers and also displays the pride that My Precise Plumbing takes in providing services. Furthermore, the company also offers a free evaluation and provides a free estimate to clients before services are provided. Customers are charged up front and there are no hidden or additional costs associated with the services.

Of the many plumbing and drain cleaning options available, My Precise Plumbing proves to be one of the best choices in Mississauga and Toronto. The firm is well established and reputed and also employs experienced professionals who are more than capable of meeting all the plumbing requirements of home owners.


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