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Many three minutes, and regional development as a percentage of the building was built with the idea of ​​maximizing land is dotted with houses. Many of these assumptions blazing heat of the sun, the position and orientation of the worst are likely to have. Fortunately, some houses are perfect for travel from the sun to sit in close proximity to your own home can be found. It’s your home, you need to select the orientation of the face to set the stage for the sun’s path.

For solar gain and natural lighting face south
Known seasonal pattern and direction of the sun, the heat energy by utilizing your home on your property to determine how to place is a key element. In winter, the sun rises in the southeast. It was a late morning to early evening to go lower in the southern sky. From the southwest in the late evening sun begins to set. Summer, the sun rises in the northeast. It is high across the sky throughout the day to move south and northwest is set in the late evening. The east and sets in the west as the sun rises, as the sun side of a building that is utilized for the benefit of the potential energy of the sun and make the most of natural light should be facing south. In most areas of the region, depending on the direction of the morning sun in winter in some increases and minimize summer afternoon sun is a good location.

Family-oriented benefits of living space area should be south-facing
The east and sets in the west as the sun rises, as the sun side of a building that is utilized for the benefit of the sun and the light source to make the most of the potential energy must be facing south. The goal in the narrow side facing east and west facing north and south, while the long part of the building has. In addition, most of the south-facing rooms must have day-to-day activities. Two rooms kitchen, breakfast, family room and master bedroom include.

Winter sun and summer shade, to maximize the true direction of 10 degrees in the south of the south face of the house. You can also take in the winter trees full south sun, undisturbed by other buildings or hills home site should be selected. Natural light and warm in winter to allow the sun’s rays at the same time to block the high summer sun to help with deciduous trees overhang the roof of the house is used.


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