Home Design Tips for Small Spaces

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Landscape and interior designers , the challenges of design for a small space occurs on a daily basis . Sofas and doors, surrounding buildings and the possible appeal of view of real estate in the most attractive way to maximize every square inch has farmers not fit necessary . Their efforts to design a small space can feel overwhelmed by the idea to help the people here, like a professional designed to get you on your way to help are some general guidelines . Here they are:

Reduce confusion

As a small space will feel larger and less confusing . Private free-standing cabinet with lots of closet space, and sometimes it will feel smaller and more mess . Sleek , built-in book chapter , for the storage of clothing and other objects , to put in place good.

Maximize space

Let’s kind of a waste of space, a corner a little more . Cabinet as one that reaches all the way to the ceiling the vertical height of the space is used. You can perform more than one function to select a piece of furniture . That one night in the office workspace , bedroom Murphy bed more space for different functions is a great way to be able to use . Mirrors can feel the space bigger . A lot of little things rather than fewer large pieces of furniture selection. Connect a garden chair , open interior space outward flow of Extension to appear , exist between the inside and outside of the home is . It’s a beautiful rhythm and smooth as it is important to create a sense of flow .


It has three object groups typically more than two or four groups what is interesting . For some reason, the odd- couple pair works well and even more visually stand out more . It ‘s even easy to create symmetry , but an odd number is a more dynamic and visually appealing .

There let the LIGHT

Space, the most important influence of the atmosphere is one of the lights . It is both visually appealing and one possible feature to make room on the mix of tasks , accent , and ambient light is important. Outdoor space, and the plant itself and the mixed -voltage lighting sconce lighting and low voltage up to try to mix . Overhead lighting in the room with a mix of soft around the lamp is usually ideal .

Waegin space ?

This comfortable long space , to create a more intimate feel separate ” rooms ” can be divided into In other words, eating something different , that is, another part of the comfortable lounge seating – an easy one terrace and deck space used for the operation of some of the needs can be divided by . Long living room, a cozy seating area, conversation , and his curling with a good book for you can have a separate room . All furniture and rugs in several rooms from one another for a feeling of space in such a way to create a separation can be placed .

WORK color scheme

It is one of the secondary colors , with one dominant color in mind , and the third accent color in a room or outdoor space design is usually helpful. If you have existing furniture , already the largest in the pattern of furniture to choose a color that exists . Space to feel a greater level of many of the dark earth and the soil , and at the level of the ceiling light and bright colored walls and furniture and contrasting dark at ground level (ie, wood floor or carpet) and light you try to use looking up at the sky . Bright colors, dark colors generally more space will feel . On the other hand, dark colors eunjak is cozy feel to the space – like velvet or wool to make a much more attractive to add a piece of soft texture .


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