Home Inspection Red Flags

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So, you’ve viewed the house of your wildest dreams and you’re ready to make an offer. The price is just right and things couldn’t be better!

But wait…not so fast. Have you really inspected the house up close? Do you know if the house has termites? Are you aware of any drainage issues the house may have? Is the any mold? What are the foundations like? Thought so. If you’re one of the unlucky ones, your dream could soon turn into a nightmare and you could find yourself seriously out of pocket.

Before making an offer on a house, realtors advise buyers on checking on the structural and mechanical condition of the house. Even if the inspection uncovers serious issues, at least you are aware of them and can then negotiate this into your offer with the seller.

 What are the home inspection red flags to look out for when inspecting a potential home? Well, first and foremost, take a walk around the property and check that the home has good drainage. Proper drainage is essential in preventing wood rot, major mold growth and wet basements. Check for missing or damaged gutters and also ensure that there is proper grading.

While you are outside, take a look upwards at the condition of the roof. An old and worn-out roof which needs to be replaced could put an entirely different spin on your offer to purchase, especially if it is an asbestos roof, which would most definitely need to be replaced. If it needs repairing or replacing, be sure the current owners use a trustworthy professional like White Plains roofers.

Termites and beetles may be small and appear to be harmless but they are anything but. These little creatures will devour all your wood if left unchecked so it would be wise to negotiate for extermination if this is a problem.

Asbestos and mold are major health hazards and can be very costly to remove. Mold can also affect the structure of the home which is why it is important to have it removed permanently.

 As you are strolling around your dream home, be sure to notice the electrical wiring. Take special note of any strange-looking connections or any inferior electrical work as this could be very costly to repair or replace.

Many older houses have problematic foundations. While they may appear to be beautiful, charming and pristine on the exterior and inside, they could have crumbling foundations which could be incredibly expensive to fix or, in extreme cases replace.

If you are not au fait with conducting a property inspection, a good idea would be to download property inspection software in your phone which you could make use of when conducting your inspection. There are many free and easy to use apps available. Inspection software is available for iPad and android.

Happy inspecting!


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