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How to make your home always feel welcoming is hard, it takes a lot of effort and can sometimes completely drain you. That is why it is good to have some tips at hand to help make sure your house looks amazing every time somebody walks in the door. Sometimes you might see magazines with beautiful colours and décor but that unfortunately isn’t the real world. In the real world, time and effort are as rare as gold and unfortunately in real life there are also budgets. Hopefully, these tips will help you easily transform your house into a masterpiece.

In The Kitchen

imageThe kitchen is one of the main areas people enter when visiting somebody and the number of messy kitchens out there is unbelievable. The key to having a lovely kitchen is to have a clean kitchen and the number one tip for a clean kitchen is to design your kitchen so that nothing is on the counters.  Clutter is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to an untidy kitchen, even a fancy fruit bowl can become a hideous rotting sore thumb destroying the hard effort you put in. The likes of jars and spices left on the counter tops can often take away from any clean vibe you want to create.

Don’t Sit Down

The sitting room is the next area that people spend most of their time. It is the main area for socialising and relaxing, it is important that the right atmosphere is created. Some easy tips are to add candles, especially scented ones and little things like adding new cushions can change a room from dull and dreary to bright and cheerful. If you want to give a room a makeover and you are short on time there are two really quick and easy things you can do

A new rug can transform any room and change the entire dynamic. Depending on the type of room you have different rugs will be required, large rugs in small rooms make the room look bigger than it is and this works the other way round too. The room’s atmosphere will also determine the type of rug you get. If you have a very cultured room, for example, you might get some persian rugs. Make sure they fit in with you home décor.image (1)

The second easy thing you can do is create a feature wall. This can be easily done by painting one wall a different colour which can make a room look lovely and warm if done correctly. More extreme interior design professionals might use stencils to paint funky designs or else you can use wall paper to amplify one of the walls.

It Never Stops

There are a million and one different thing you can do to turn your home into a palace but the key is to keep it simple and to add systems so rooms don’t get messy and your effort isn’t lost. Putting in a few pounds correctly could completely transfer the look of your home.


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