How Automatic Sprinklers Save You Time, Money, And Energy

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There are many pleasures to be had in owning a property with a lawn, especially a large one. But one of the least pleasurable aspects involved is lawn maintenance, especially watering. In a perfect world, Mother Nature would take care of all our watering needs for us. But of course, her watering schedule is sporadic, and not always up to the demands of a thirsty lawn. A traditional lawn features plants whose body weights are largely comprised of water (up to 85 percent for some species). These plants depend on water for everything from germination to food processing, and without it they will wither and perish. Conversely, give lawn grass So given the pickiness of these plants, and the unreliability of precipitation, what’s the best way to get water to them? Many lawn tenders use hoses, but unless the lawn in question is tiny, this is not an effective method for lawn watering. With hose watering, the tendency is to either over-water plants, or not distribute water effectively over a large area. That’s why lawn sprinklers are the best way to efficiently water large lawns.
Automatic Sprinklers

But wait! Aren’t lawn sprinklers controversial? And aren’t automatic sprinklers expensive? Don’t they waste water and energy? Actually, the opposite is true. A properly designed, correctly installed automatic sprinkler system can save homeowners a great deal of money in time and water.

Automatic sprinklers allow homeowners to control the weather. With such systems, the operator can determine how often a lawn will receive water. The operator can also decide how much water will be delivered. And automatic sprinklers can also be programmed for the best time of day to turn on. One of the many myths about using this method to water lawns is that it wastes water and results in higher water bills. But because such sprinklers emit a pre-determined, fixed amount of water, it actually conservesboth. Water can be delivered at the time of day when it’s used most effectively by plants, resulting in less waste and runoff. And if an automatic sprinkler system is used correctly, it can lower water bills, not raise them. All you have to do is schedule water delivery correctly, and perform regular maintenance and upgrades to the system. A rain sensor can be an important part of or upgrade to sprinkler systems. A rain sensor prevents the sprinkler system from automatically coming on when natural precipitation occurs.

While some homeowners try homemade irrigation devices, a professionally designed sprinkler system is recommended for its even and appropriate water delivery for many grass types, over many types of terrain. But with that in mind, where do you start looking for the right company? For starters, click here to visit EZ Lawn Sprinklers, a company that’s committed to delivering the best irrigation systems in the city. With their help, you won’t have to worry about heading out during the day or night and not being available to water your lawn—they’ll let an automatic sprinkler system do the work for you.


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