How is highlandparkfuneralcentre special?

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Are you one of the families who are looking for a unique funeral service that has been customized for personalized facilities? Highlandparkfuneralcentre is a non-profit company that provides such services. They have been providing burial services for nearly 150 years.

Highlandparkfuneralcentre was opened to the community in the year 2010. They are the fully licensed funeral home.  They have some specific facilities that they provide.

  • Spacious
  • state-of-the-art
  • fully accessible funeral home

Highlandparkfuneralcentre meets your needs, from funeral & cemetery, funeral and memorial services and cremation services to a wide variety of burial & cremation options. They are a locally owned funeral home built in Peterborough for Peterborough.   We provide complete funeral and cemetery services, at Peterborough, Ontario.

Since this is a non-profit organization, all the funds received are put back into the organization or developing the organization’s future. The grounds provided in the cemetery are quiet and serene. Such quiet grounds help the people in reflecting on the memories of your beloved ones.

The staff at Highlandparkfuneralcentre is very cordial and has lots of experience in providing customized local services.  They have a multi faith gathering hall where you can have your services. These gathering halls have a capacity of 150 people. It can also be easily expanded to 300 plus people. They provide the facility wherein the people inside the hall can have the view of the service from these halls. They also have a reception hall. In these halls you can have a comfortable meeting with your friends and relatives. They also provide you with catering and licensed services. All these facilities help you to have a stress free day. You can have all your funeral services at a single location.

There are various services that Highlandparkfuneralcentre offer. These services include:

  • Burial options
  • Cremation
  • Live video of funerals
  • Flower planting and maintenance program

For those people who are interested in cremation and do not want a ground burial, cremation urns may be placed into either granite or an indoor glass-faced niches in columbarium structures. They also offer video facility. Many people find it difficult to attend the funeral. So according to these facilities their family can get the provision of viewing the funeral.  They can view the video through the internet. Each and every year they offer the flower planting and maintenance program to their families. As per this program they provide you the facility to pay tribute to their families or friends with flower beds or flower vases. They are then maintained throughout the year. They regularly water these flowers. This program is unique to their cemetery and helps in maintaining the beauty of the cemetery. The families who are interested in joining these programs need to inform the authorities in advance.


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