How to Beautify Your Backyard without Paying a Pro

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Your backyard, the bane of your existence, right? You look at it every morning, and every morning you wish you had the time and energy to get it under control, and make it a beautiful refuge for tranquility and peace. But it probably seems like too much of an undertaking. It’s true, it will take time, but it doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, it can be a lot of fun. Here are some great tips to beautify your backyard without having to pay a professional landscaper or break your back.


Beautify Your Backyard
If you’ve always wanted a delightful brick path – or any path – through your backyard, you can make one yourself and it’s quite easy. First of all, you should collect bricks either from a construction project near your home, or you can also use larger rocks from any public beach. Then, once you have the materials, you plan the location of your path and you can dig it out easily with a trowel. It doesn’t have to be all that deep, just enough to plop the bricks in easily. Then you assemble the bricks into the trench, like a puzzle without a real right or wrong. You can either grout the walkway with cement, or let it be and have it be really rustic looking.

Tree Trimming

Beautify Your Backyard
One thing that sets a nice backyard apart from a mangy looking one is the grooming of the bushes and trees. Sometimes it takes more than just running a hedge clipper over the top and hoping the bush will be beautiful again. You might need to do more extensive pairing of branches. With bushes, don’t worry too much about cutting them back – they will grow back fuller for being adequately trimmed and paired. As for trees, get an extension ladder from a place like and really get in there. Take down some branches that maybe you think you shouldn’t. Be aggressive – in just a few weeks you’ll notice the trees and bushes look fuller than you would have thought.


Beautify Your Backyard
If you have a back yard fence, particularly if it’s a metal fence, allow growth to overtake it in a delightful way. When you look back and see a metal fence, you think a lower quality of life, but if that same fence is covered in a lush, life-giving green, you will mask the unsightly with the new life that makes the back yard something you can be proud of. This will also take some monitoring and maintenance as you will not want the vines to overtake your real plants, but a vine-covered fence is a great addition to your newly tranquil place, providing some privacy from neighbors as an added bonus.


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