How to Furnish your Bathroom on a Budget

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Not everyone has money to burn. For these reasons, getting creative to make a space look like you spent a fortune is a must. Use to get ideas or search for items that are within the budget to help furnish your bathroom space while staying within that budget. There is no harm in refurbishing something that someone threw out or repurposing another item in the home to use in the bathroom. Those types of items give the space personality and character.

Repurpose Items

Repurposing items around a home is becoming a popular trend. This can be done with bathroom furniture as well. For instance, you have found an old dresser that someone is tossing out for garbage, take it home. It can easily be cut and trimmed to work as a toilet cover. A bench could be repurposed to become a shelf in the shower for personal items with the right type of paint on the outside. Get creative here, many items can be repurposed for use in the bathroom.

Shop at Thrift/Discount Stores or Yard Sales

These are the types of places to shop at to find items to either refinish or repurpose. The option to find furniture that is already put together that just needs a little paint or fresh stain is also there with these options. Discount or thrift stores are likely to have items that are older but still in excellent condition. These items are often able to be negotiated when it comes to price as well, which is even better for the budget.

Purchase Ding and Dent or Clearance Items

Most retailers have a ding and dent section within their establishments. Ask about these and view what is available. In combination with clearance items, you could end up with a great looking set of bathroom furniture that may have a couple of imperfections that are easily fixed. To fix a small ding in something constructed of wood, simply use wood filler. Allow it to dry and then paint over it to match the rest of the piece. You can fill in dings and dents on metals by using silicone caulking. This also evens out and is able to be smoothed to hide any hint that a ding or dent existed. Finding paint to cover it up to match the finish is simple. Clearance items are often in limited supply but mixing and matching a few items will give the bathroom furniture a customised finish that is within budget.

You can obtain a high-end look with lesser expensive items. It just takes a little bit of research and creativity on your part. In some cases, you may find beautiful hardware that is on clearance simply because it is an older style. There is nothing wrong with purchasing that as an option. If you like the style but not the finish, paint the hardware. You can do the same with lighting options; simply paint a chandelier or other lighting fixtures to match the style or d├ęcor in the bathroom. It will also make antique or vintage items look brand new. For more visit


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