How to get your garden ready for summer

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Whether it is to entertain the guests, enjoy the outdoors with the kids and family, or simply to grow your favourite flowers, trees, and have an outdoor garden space, you must properly prepare for the season. So as summer has finally arrived, there are a few ways in which you want to go about preparing for gardening season. These are a few of the many things you can do to prepare your garden for the summer, and to ensure it is going to thrive during the season.

1. Feeding –
You want to feed your grass and plants on a routine basis. Granular feed through the summer months not only ensures optimal growth and health, but also that your lawn won’t die or get brown during the warmer season. If you are a bit late with feeding, you can apply a soluble feed a few days prior to planting/gardening, simply to prepare the lawn, and then you can start with the granular feed routinely moving forward.

2. Moss killer –
If you have issues with moss, apply a moss killer to the lawn and garden area prior to starting growth and planting. Not only will it prevent spread, it will help prepare your lawn, help improve grass quality, and provide a viable place for your plants to grow and thrive during the summer months.

3. Edging and cleaning –
Yes, just like spring cleaning for your home, your garden also requires some tidying up as well. So, bring out the hedgers, edger’s, and trimmers. Pull the mulch out, prep the grass and lawn area, and make sure things look clean and kept prior to starting your gardening. This will help with weed and moss prevention, and ensures your lawn and garden are going to look their best as the summer months progress moving forward.

4. Planting –
Perennials, and other plants/trees which are appropriate for warmer summer months and weather should be chosen. If you are not sure what to grow/plant, you can visit a local lawn and garden shop. Not only will they point you in the right direction, they are also going to give you tips to help with growth, development, and to ensure your plants are not going to die in the event of unexpected weather conditions during these warmer months of the year.

Upkeep is also a must. So, you’ve done the work of planting, gardening, tilling, and taking care of the garden area. This does not mean you can simply let things go as the months progress. You must continue with the weeding, check for moss growth, bugs, and other summer threats. Weather is of course something you have to look out for as well, especially if it is unreasonably hot or weather conditions aren’t typical for the season. Maybe gardening isn’t for you, if so then why don’t you hire a local gardener to keep on top of your garden for you. This way you can just enjoy your garden without all of the hassle of weeding and keeping on top of the maintenance.

The more time and effort you put into it, the more you will get out of it. If you plan on growing a summer garden this year, these are a few ways to prepare, and ensure optimal growth during the warmer weather months this year.


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