How To Incorporate Farmhouse Decor In Your City Home

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A lot of people today long for the simple life even though they live in the city. Some may be old enough to remember what their region was like before it became industrialized. There are others who originally lived on a farm, but who moved to the city because of a job switch. Then there are just the farm admirers, who admire the farm life from afar.

Incorporate Farmhouse Decor

If you long for the simplicity of farm life, but you can’t see yourself churning butter, there’s another way to get it. It’s possible to give a city home the feel of a farmhouse by incorporating farm décor. Here are some ideas.

Rooster Motif

Somehow chickens and roosters have gained a prominence in farmhouse life that we all appreciate. The farmhouse weather vane features a rooster figure. Rooster weather vanes, kitchen roosters and chickens can be found in antique stores and flea markets. Paint a slightly rusted metal rooster figure with a welcome sign and hang it from your front door. Hang rooster and chicken figures on your kitchen wall. Purchase dishes with chicken, rooster or cow animal figures on them and serve dinner on a red checkered table cloth.

Straw Accessories

Straw is abundant on farms, so it’s no wonder that it is used in farmhouse décor. Straw accessories are also easy to find anywhere. Place flowers in straw baskets, or mount a straw kitchen broom embellished with a fancy bow on your kitchen wall. Use multi-colored straw placemats in the dining room.

Barnyard Doors

Barnyard doors have become the fashion accessory of the 21st Century. They are widely popular in home design, even in interior design that is not exclusively country. They have become easy to find in most popular hardware stores.

Incorporate Farmhouse Decor

Utilize barnyard doors as an innovative closet or entry door, or mount them on a wall as a conversation piece. To expand on a theme, paint the barnyard door farmhouse red.

Horse Trailer Accessories

Horse trailer accessories are hardware accessories that can be used in various spots in the home to give it a farmhouse feel. Try mounting them on cabinets, and use them in place of drawer pulls. If you are a horse lover, outfit an entire room with horse motif and mount horse trailer hardware on the walls. You can find these and other interesting farm details at niche online websites, such as

City people aren’t limited by their surroundings. They can have all the enjoyment of the farmhouse feel, simply by accessorizing their home with farmhouse details.


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