How to Install Roller Blinds

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There are different types of roller blinds available on the market and they should be installed in different ways. If your roller blind has a valance, you will need to install it with two L-shaped brackets. On the other hand, if it is a double roller blind, then it will come with male and female brackets.

Installing roller blinds

If you are installing blinds, then you will need to put the two L-shaped outer brackets about 10 cm away from each other and at the same level as the top lintel above the window.

It is important to mark and pre-drill two holes in the lintel so that you do not split it.

You will then need to screw the two brackets on the edges into place and if there are any brackets left you will need to divide them up across the remaining part of the valance.

It is very important to keep your brackets level – you should use a string line or a sprit level to figure out whether this is the case.

Double roller blinds

Installing double rollers is almost the same as installing single ones, but you have to repeat the process one more time (or more in case you are installing a row of blinds). The additional step that needs to be taken is to lower them all the way and fit the plastic chain stops (this is the part of the chain where it enters the chain drive). If you miss this step, your blinds can be rolled down too far and create problems in the mechanism.

If you have children or pets, then you will need to install a safety cleat out of their reach. Generally, you should pick sturdier fabric and materials if you have a family and pets as the parts will last you a lot longer.


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