How to Make Professional Property Inspection Reports

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PropartySo you’ve decided to create your property inspection reports from scratch. There are a few quick steps you can take to help you create professional looking reports in no time.

  1. Add a Cover photo of the property

Such a simple thing often gets overlooked when creating an inspection report. A photo of the property gives the reader a feel for it, and can be also used to highlight the location of areas of maintenance.

  1. Write the Inspector’s name, the tenants’ names and the property ID

People will often remember to write the date of inspection and the inspection address, but will forget other key inspection detail. Every extra bit of information makes it easier to categorize the inspection reports later on down the track.

  1. Add a Maintenance section

Designate a section at the end of every inspection report for maintenance notes. Even if the report hasn’t found anything ‘wrong’ with the property, it’s always worth noting potential problems.

  1. Include an Inspection Summary

An inspection summary is a great way to present the key facts from each inspection. This can save you or your client loads of time in the future.

So there you have it. No need to splash the cash; professional-looking reports are simple to make. All the best with your property inspections!


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