How to Make Your Kitchen Look Rich

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It’s been a long time since you modify things in your kitchen. Now it looks kind of old and less spacious, isn’t it? What should you do? Should you go out and buy new things and replace each and everything all together? Or should you make a huge difference with little arrangements?


Second option seems more attractive and it’s quite doable as well. So, take a look at some kitchen tips shared below, but before that, make sure your countertop is in proper shape. If not, you need to replace it with a new Granite Ottawa countertop; otherwise, your kitchen will not be able to make the kind of impression you are looking for.

Now divide the things into four categories;

  1. The layout of the kitchen
  2. The lighting and fixtures installed in the kitchen
  3. The amount of details you can add
  4. The height of the countertop and cabinets (that depends if you can manage)

First two items being the basic, if you perform 3 of the four things, it’s a guarantee that your guests will say, “Your kitchen looks rich!”

So let’s start making your kitchen rich!

  1. The Layout

Your kitchen needs to spacious enough to make an impression. If it’s not what you have, there’s a way to make an impression. Consider these things:

  1. The Stove
  2. The Refrigerator
  3. The Kitchen Sink

They must be placed in a triangular form to make a nice organized impression on the people. These are small things that you can do all by yourself (or may be your husband can do it for your). Another thing is, there should not be any obstacle in between. You can start by placing the icebox which should be near the passageway, and you can also access it while cooking.

  1. LIGHT

Next thing that makes your kitchen look rich is proper lighting. No more one big bulb in the kitchen, you have to invest in proper fixtures to make an impact; otherwise all your efforts will be wasted. The brighter your kitchen, the richer it will be.


Bright lights add details to the things you’ve placed. SO make sure, all the items should be at their appropriate places, and they should be kept clean all the time.


Talking about details, there’s a lot you can add into your kitchen. Well, it’s the question of how creative you are and how much time you have for this thing. If you have little time to give, you can divide activities in small periods and dedicate that time on little improvements that you can do while your food is being cooked.

Such as:

  • Replacing those old cups with the ones stored in your cupboard for years
  • Adding a few things on the Ottawa granite countertop.
  • Changing placements, and more

Well, people don’t often consider it, but height does make an impact. Especially when you have a small space, you should choose tall cupboards and countertops to make your kitchen look spacious and stylish. You can buy a granite countertop Ottawawith 42-inch height to add luxury.


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